"Ask me for strength and I will lend not only my hand, but also my heart."

- Unknown 


Birth and postpartum doula services &​ CHildbirth and Breastfeeding Education 

My name is Ellie Landru. I am a birth and postpartum doula. I have been parenting for the last 20 years, as the mother of three beautiful children. I've experienced mothering newborns, kids, teenagers, and adults. Having such an empowering first birth set the stage for my love of the journey into motherhood.

My passion for birth work began as I sherpa'd my friends from pregnancy into motherhood...nearly a decade and a half later I learned that what I was doing had a name: "doula". I care deeply about providing non-judgmental support to women and families. My passion is to provide care and support as I work to empower a woman to trust her instinct as she navigates her first steps in parenting.

I draw from wisdom handed down to me from my mother and from her mother and grandmother as well as my training from my mentors, ProDoula, Comforting Touch, and American Heart Association Basic Life Support certification. I speak both English and Spanish. It is always and honor to support women and families grow.

​​​​My name is Eva Street. I am a birth and postpartum doula, an independent childbirth educator and a breastfeeding specialist. I am a birth worker because I care about well being of families. Pregnancy and childbirth are the first steps towards the transformation family undergoes as they welcome each new member. The quality of the support a family receives during this precious time influences the long term well being of the family. While providing support during pregnancy, birth and postpartum, I recognize and encourage trust in own instincts and natural ways our bodies work. My goal is to create a safe environment so that the family can have a fulfilling experience, while being connected to each other and empowered with evidence based knowledge to make educated choices.

My passion for childbirth originates from my own personal experiences; cesarean birth of my son and VBAC of my daughter.

I speak English and Slovak. Prior to becoming a mother and a doula, I obtained a law degree from law school in Slovakia and a paralegal certificate from Georgetown University. 

As a birth doula, I am certified through DONA International, the largest and most respected doula association in the world. I am DONA-trained as a postpartum doula.  I have completed the Spinning Babies training for optimal fetal and maternal positioning. I have also completed the Comforting Touch for Doulas training that focuses on massage techniques used in labor. I am certified through Lactation Education Resources as a breastfeeding specialist. 

I would be honored to work with your family towards the birth and postpartum experience you deserve and wish for.