Postpartum Doula Services

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  •  professionally trained doula provides reassuring support to all family members in the first weeks/months of transitioning into  life with a new baby by validating parents' intuitive ability to nurture and by encouraging them to become confident in their own parenting style;
  • acess to doula  lending library 
  • one-hour in home intake consultation 
  • postpartum plan preparation assistance; 
  • non-medical, physical, emotional and educational support to the mother as well as the whole family;
  • assistance with self-care recovery measures, education on mother and baby care, help with caring for the baby and feedings, breastfeeding support;
  • help with older children;
  • household organizational support, including light meal preparation, grocery shopping and errand running, laundry, tidying and dishwashing;
  • available day and night 
  • ​​​complimentary initial consultation;
  • one or two in-person consultations to discuss your birth preferences, comfort measures to be used during your childbirth, involvement of your partner in the childbirth process, and any other questions you may have;
  • phone and e-mail support throughout your pregnancy and during the postpartum stage;
  • access to my lending library composed of books on childbirth, pregnancy, parenting, and breastfeeding;
  • birth plan (birth preferences) preparation assistance;
  • postpartum plan preparation assistance; 
  • 24/7 on call availability starting at 38 weeks gestation up until the birth;
  • continuous physical, emotional, and informational support throughout your childbirth;
  • breastfeeding assistance and help with mother-baby bonding process immediately after your baby is born;
  • in-person postpartum visit to evaluate your childbirth experience and to address any breastfeeding and baby care related questions.

Birth Doula Services 

Birth and postpartum doula services &​ CHildbirth and Breastfeeding Education